Classroom Pet

Dear Parents,

We have a new classroom pet at school. His name is Brownie Bear, and he is the cuddliest bear you?d ever want to visit your home. In fact, as a special treat for being Star Student, your child has brought him home to enjoy for the entire weekend. During this weekend visit, we?d like you and your child to do the following:

1. Write a story about your weekend experience with Brownie and then draw a picture of that story. (Parents may print the child?s story as he/she dictates it.) Paper is provided for you.

2. Please send your child's story to school on Monday to share it with his/her classmates.

When all the illustrated stories are collected, we will put them all together to form a book. We will then send our class book home with each child to share with you.

We hope you enjoy Brownie Bear and share in our excitement. Thanks for participating in this special activity.


Mrs. Braun