Star Student

Every kindergarten child will have one week to share their very special self with their kindergarten friends. Mom and Dad will need to help their child gather together special items they will want to share with their class. Items may be brought to school on Monday of their week and taken home again on Friday.

On Friday of the week before you are scheduled to bring your special things, your child will bring home a poster with their silhouette. You and your child may decorate this with pictures and photos. You may want to include photos of your family, home, your child growing up, etc.

Your child may also wish to bring other favorite items to share. Some of these may be set on a table, others can be placed on a wall. Some ideas may include:

Favorite clothes: football uniform, pajamas, costume, etc. Favorite stuffed animal and/or toys. Favorite story or book. Favorite souvenir of a vacation.

Use your imagination and surprise us!